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Withdrawal from the University

Students who find that they must withdraw from the University can do so by dropping all courses through the UNCGenie Web site. Undergraduates who drop all courses are considered to be withdrawn from the University and must seek reactivation or readmission through Undergraduate Admissions to return to school in subsequent terms.

Students withdrawing on or before the last day to drop without academic penalty will receive W grades (withdrawal without academic penalty). Thereafter, WF grades will be recorded. WF grades are calculated in the student’s GPA as F (failing) grades.

Students who have questions regarding withdrawing from the University should contact Student Academic Services, 159 Mossman Building, 336/334-5730. Inquiries regarding returning to the University should be directed to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, 336/334-5243. For additional information go to

Withdrawal/Refund/Re-enrollment Policy for Students Activated for Military Duty including the Armed Services Reserve and the National Guard

Students who serve in the Armed Services Reserve or the National Guard are often alerted that they may be called to active duty for various reasons. If a student is involuntarily called for active military duty during a term in which he or she is enrolled, the eligible student may elect one of several options for withdrawing from the University, including complete withdrawal with fully refundable tuition and general fees, an early exam option, or an Incomplete grade option. See complete details of UNCG’s Refund Policy for Students Activated for Military Duty, including policies regarding returning to the University after release from active duty.

This page was last updated on June 9, 2010.