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Grade Replacement Policy

Except for courses with specific provision in the course description for repeated credit, a UNCG undergraduate student may repeat a UNCG course in an attempt to earn a better grade. Students may request that an original grade in a course be removed from the Grade Point Average (GPA) and replaced by the grade earned in the repeated course. Only 300-level and below courses may be repeated. During their undergraduate careers students may request to replace the grades for a total of three courses, regardless of credit- or semester-hour value. For example, a student may replace a single course three times, or a combination thereof, not to exceed the limits of the policy.

Students must initiate the request by filing a form with the University Registrar's Office to replace a grade. All grade replacements are final. The academic transcript will reflect all attempts and grades. Students cannot combine the Academic Renewal and the Grade Replacement policies. Grades earned as a result of Academic Integrity violations recorded by the Office of Student Affairs may not be replaced by another grade. Grades earned in repeated courses will not be used to replace grades earned as part of a degree once it has been conferred.

In the case of all other repeated courses, attempted hours and grade points from all attempts will be counted fully in the GPA. Semester hours earned for the course will count only once in the total hours for the degree. Departmental policies supersede this policy. Grades can be replaced for courses taken fall 2005 and thereafter.

This page was last updated on June 9, 2010.