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Undergraduate AOS Codes

Areas of study that provide teacher licensure are indicated by either Social Studies High School Teaching, K–12 Teaching, K–6 Licensure, 6–9 Licensure, High School Teaching, or simply Licensure as part of the description. An asterisk (*) following a major code indicates that it can be taken only as a second major or as a secondary area of study.




Program Name/ Description




U508 HDF HH Child & Adolescent Development in the Family B.S. HDFS  
U514 HDF HH Human Development & Family Studies Minor     Checkmark
U526 HDF HH Birth through Kindergarten (licensure) B.S. HDFS  
U530 HDF HH Family Studies B.S. HDFS  
U531 HDF HH Early Care & Education B.S. HDFS  
U533 NTR HH Nutrition & Wellness B.S. NUTR  
U535 HDF HH Early Care & Education Wake County B.S. HDFS  
U538 CRS BE Apparel Product Design B.S. CARS  
U539 CRS BE Retailing & Consumer Studies B.S. CARS  
U540 IAR AS Interior Architecture B.F.A. IARC  
U550 NTR HH Nutrition Science B.S. NUTR  
U552 NTR HH Human Nutrition & Dietetics B.S. NUTR  
U553 NTR HH Nutrition Minor     Checkmark
U602 MSD MT General Music B.A. MUSI  
U607 MUP MT Composition B.M. PRFM  
U611 MUP MT Instrument Performance B.M. PRFM  
U618 MUP MT Jazz Performance B.M. JAZZ  
U626 MUE MT Choral/General Music Education B.M. MEDU  
U629 MUE MT Instrumental/General Music Education B.M. MEDU  
U635 MUP MT Voice Performance B.M. PRFM  
U636 MUP MT Keyboard Performance B.M. PRFM  
U701 NUR NU Nursing B.S.N. NURS  
U702 NUR NU Nursing RN/B.S.N. B.S.N. NURS  
U717 ECO BE Economics B.S. ECON  
U718 BUS BE Entrepreneurship B.S. ENTR  
U719 ACF BE Accounting Minor     Checkmark
U802 IGS AS Russian Studies B.A. SPLS  
U803 AFS AS African American Studies B.A. AFST  
U808 IDP AS Archaeology B.A. SPLS  
U812 IGS AS European Studies* B.A. SPLS  
U815 AFS AS African American Studies     Checkmark
U818 IGS AS African Studies     Checkmark
U819 IGS AS Asian Studies     Checkmark
U820 IDP AS Humanities B.A. SPLS  
U821 IGS AS International & Global Affairs & Development B.A. SPLS  
U822 IGS AS International and Global Arts and Belief Systems B.A. SPLS  
U823 IGS AS Latin American and Caribbean Studies B.A. SPLS  
U824 IGS AS Asian Studies B.A. SPLS  
U825 ENV AS Environmental Studies B.A. SPLS  
U826 IGS AS European Studies Minor     Checkmark
U827 IGS AS Russian Studies Minor     Checkmark
U828 IGS AS Latin American & Caribbean Studies Minor     Checkmark
U829 IGS AS International & Global Human Rights B.A. SPLS  
U830 BUS BE International Business Studies B.S. INTB  
U832 BUS BE Entrepreneurship Minor     Checkmark
U834 IDP AS Integrated Science B.A. SPLS  
U835 MST AS Media Management B.A. MDST  
U837 IDP AS Integrated Science (Comprehensive Science Secondary Licensure) B.A. SPLS  
U838 CMP AS Bioinformatics B.S. CMPS
U848 MST AS Radio Minor     Checkmark
U849 MST AS Media Studies Minor     Checkmark
U850 MAT AS Applied Mathematics (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U851 MAT AS Pure Mathematics (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U852 MAT AS Applied Mathematics B.S. MATH  
U853 MAT AS Pure Mathematics B.S. MATH  
U854 MAT AS Computer Science (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U855 MAT AS Statistics (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U860 CHE AS Biochemistry B.S. BCHE  
U860 CHE AS Biochemistry/4 + 1 Medical Technology B.S. BCHE  
U861 IDP AS International & Global Studies Minor     Checkmark
U862 IDP AS Social Sciences


U863 BIO AS Human Biology B.S. BIOL  
U864 CRS BE Global Apparel and Related Industries B.S. CARS  
U865 AFS AS Cultural Arts B.A. AFST  
U871 WGS AS Women’s & Gender Studies B.A. WGST  
U880 THR MT Drama B.A. DRAM  
U881 THR MT Acting B.F.A. DRAM  
U882 THR MT Design & Technical Theatre B.F.A. DRAM  
U883 THR MT Theatre Education (K–12 Teaching) B.F.A. DRAM  
U884 THR MT Technical Theatre Minor     Checkmark
U885 THR MT Technical Production B.F.A. DRAM  
U894 SWK HH Social Work B.S.W. SOWK  
U895 SWK HH School Social Work (Licensure) B.S.W. SOWK  
U930 SES ED ASL/Deaf Studies Minor     Checkmark
U931 SES ED Advocacy & Services for the Deaf B.S. PRDF  
U932 SES ED Interpreter Preparation B.S. PRDF  
U933 SES ED American Sign Language Teacher Licensure B.S. PRDF  


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