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Undergraduate Major Codes

The following is a list of current undergraduate major codes:

ACCT Accounting
AFST African American Studies
ANTH Anthropology
BADM Business Administration
BCHE Biochemistry
BIOL Biology
CARS Consumer, Apparel, and Retail Studies
CHEM Chemistry
CLAS Classical Studies
CMPS Computer Science
CMST Communication Studies
DANC Dance
DRAM Drama
ECON Economics
ELED Elementary Education (K–6)
ENGL English
ENTR Entrepreneurship
FINC Finance
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GERM German
HDFS Human Development & Family Studies
HIST History
HTMT Hospitality and Tourism Management
INTB International Business
IARC Interior Architecture
ISOM Information Systems & Operations Management
KINE Kinesiology
MATH Mathematics
MDED Middle Grades Education
MDST Media Studies
MEDU Music Education
MKTG Marketing
MUSI Music (General)
NONE No Major
NURS Nursing
NUTR Nutrition
PHIL Philosophy
PHTH Public Health
PHYS Physics
PRDF Professions in Deafness
PRFM Performance
PSCI Political Science
PSYC Psychology
RPMT Recreation and Parks Management
RELS Religious Studies
SOCI Sociology
SOCS Social Studies
SOWK Social Work
SPAN Spanish
SPAU Speech Pathology and Audiology
SPED Special Education
SPEL Elementary Education and Special Education
SPLS Special Programs in Liberal Studies
UNDC Undecided on Major
WGST Women’s & Gender Studies


The following codes are used for second majors only:

PHYT Pre-Physical Therapy
PRED Pre-Dental
PREL Pre-Law
PREM Pre-Medical
PREN Pre-Engineering
PREP Pre-Pharmacy
PROT Pre-Occupational Therapy
PVET Pre-Veterinary

The following are used for preadmission coding only:

MUSP Pre-Music
PACC Pre-Accounting
PBAD Pre-Business Administration
PDNC Pre-Dance
PECO Pre-Economics
PELM Pre-Elementary Education
PENT Pre-Entrepreneurship
PFIN Pre-Finance
PHDF Pre-Human Development & Family Studies
PIAR Pre-Interior Architecture
PINT Pre-International Business
PISM Pre-Information Systems
PKIN Pre-Kinesiology
PMDE Pre-Middle Grades Education
PMKT Pre-Marketing
PNUR Pre-Nursing
PPHE Pre-Public Health
PSPA Pre-Speech Pathology and Audiology
PSPD Pre-Specialized Education
PSPE Pre-Specialized Education/Elementary Education
PSPL Pre-Liberal Studies, Humanities
PSWK Pre-Social Work

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.