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Undergraduate AOS Codes

Areas of study that provide teacher licensure are indicated by either Social Studies High School Teaching, K–12 Teaching, K–6 Licensure, 6–9 Licensure, High School Teaching, or simply Licensure as part of the description. An asterisk (*) following a major code indicates that it can be taken only as a second major or as a secondary area of study.

AOS Dept/
Unit Program Name/ Description Degree Major Minor
U201 BIO AS Pre Medicine   PREM*  
U203 BIO AS Pre Physical Therapy   PHYT*  
U205 PHY AS Pre Engineering   PREN*  
U206 RTH HH Pre Occupational Therapy   PROT*  
U207 PSC AS Pre Law   PREL*  
U209 BIO AS Pre Dentistry   PRED*  
U211 CHE AS Pre Pharmacy   PREP*  
U213 BIO AS Pre Veterinary   PVET*  
U214 BIO AS Biotechnology B.S. BIOL  
U215 PSY AS Psychology B.A. PSYC  
U217 PSY AS Psychology (Social Studies High School Teaching) B.A. PSYC  
U218 BIO AS Biology (Comprehensive Science High School Teaching) B.S. BIOL  
U219 REL AS Religious Studies B.A. RELS  
U221 SOC AS Sociology B.A. SOCI  
U222 SOC AS Criminology B.A. SOCI  
U223 SOC AS Sociology (Social Studies High School Teaching) B.A. SOCI  
U224 SOC AS Social Problems in a Global Society B.A. SOCI  
U227 LLC AS Spanish B.A. SPAN  
U229 LLC AS Spanish (K–12 Teaching) B.A. SPAN  
U231 BIO AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.A. BIOL  
U232 CHE AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.A. CHEM  
U251 HED ED Elementary Education (K–6 licensure) B.S. ELED  
U252 HED ED Elementary Education & Special Education (Dual) B.S. SPEL  
U254 HED ED Middle Grades Education (6–9 licensure) B.S. MDED  
U261 SES ED Auditory/Oral B–K (licensure) B.S. PRDF  
U265 SES ED Special Education K–12 Licensure B.S. SPED  
U301 ACF BE Accounting B.S. ACCT  
U305 ECO BE Economics (B.A.) B.A. ECON  
U309 ECO BE Economics (B.A.) (Social Studies Licensure) B.A. ECON  
U311 ECO BE Economics (Social Studies Licensure) B.S. ECON  
U313 ISM BE Information Systems B.S. ISOM  
U318 ISM BE Information Systems Minor     Checkmark
U326 BUS BE Human Resources B.S. BADM  
U327 BUS BE Marketing B.S. MKTG  
U329 ECO BE Financial Economics B.S. ECON  
U331 BUS BE Business Studies B.S. BADM  
U337 BUS BE Entrepreneurship/Small Business B.S. BADM  
U338 BUS BE Online Business Studies B.S. BADM  
U339 ISM BE Supply Chain Management B.S. ISOM  
U350 CLA AS Classical Studies Minor     Checkmark
U352 CLA AS Classical Archaeology B.A. CLAS  
U354 CLA AS Classical Civilization B.A. CLAS  
U357 CLA AS Classical Language & Literature B.A. CLAS  
U360 ACF BE Finance B.S. FINC  
U398 BAE BE Business Minor     Checkmark
U407 PHE HH Community Health Education B.S. PHTH  
U409 KIN HH Physical Education & Health Teacher Education K–12 Dual Licensure B.S. KINE  
U410 KIN HH Sport Coaching Minor     Checkmark
U412 KIN HH Fitness Leadership B.S. KINE  
U413 CTR HH Therapeutic Recreation B.S. RPMT  
U414 CTR HH Commercial Recreation & Special Event Management B.S. RPMT  
U415 PHE HH Health Studies Online B.S. PHTH  
U418 CTR HH Recreation & Parks Management Minor     Checkmark
U419 CTR HH Leisure Services Management B.S. RPMT  
U421 KIN HH Sports Medicine B.S. KINE  
U422 KIN HH Community Youth Sport Development B.S. KINE  
U425 PHE HH Health Studies Minor     Checkmark
U426 CTR HH Travel, Tourism, & Commercial Recreation Minor     Checkmark
U429 MSD MT Music Minor     Checkmark
U431 DCE MT Dance B.F.A. B.F.A. DANC  
U435 DCE MT Dance Studies B.A. DANC  
U437 DCE MT Dance Studies with K–12 Licensure B.A. DANC  
U438 DCE MT Dance B.F.A. with K–12 Licensure B.F.A. DANC  
U448 PHE HH Health Studies B.S. PHTH  
U450 HTM BE Hospitality & Tourism Minor     Checkmark
U452 HTM BE Hotel/Restaurant Management B.A. HTMT  
U453 HTM BE Travel & Tourism Management B.A. HTMT  


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