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Undergraduate AOS Codes

Reference to Undergraduate Areas of Study (AOS Codes)

The Area of Study Code (AOS code) is a code unique to UNCG. It is an internal mechanism that determines the program information that appears on a student’s transcript, advising record, and degree evaluation and is used to track students through their academic careers. AOS codes identify majors, concentrations, second majors, minors, and teacher licensure areas at the university level.

The following list contains only currently active undergraduate area of study codes. Please note that most majors can also be taken as second majors or minors. See specific program descriptions and requirements for details.

Areas of study that provide teacher licensure are indicated by either Social Studies High School Teaching, K–12 Teaching, K–6 Licensure, 6–9 Licensure, High School Teaching, or simply Licensure as part of the description. An asterisk (*) following a major code indicates that it can be taken only as a second major or as a secondary area of study.

AOS Dept/
Unit Program Name/ Description Degree Major Minor
U101 ATY AS Anthropology B.A. ANTH  
U102 ATY AS Anthropology (Social Studies High School Teaching) B.A. ANTH  
U104 ART AS Art History/Museum Studies B.A. ART  
U105 ART AS Studio Art B.A. ART  
U108 ART AS Art Education (K–12 Teaching) B.F.A. ART  
U111 ART AS Design B.F.A. ART  
U113 ART AS Painting B.F.A. ART  
U115 ART AS Sculpture B.F.A. ART  
U116 BIO AS Biology B.S. BIOL  
U117 BIO AS Biology B.A. BIOL  
U118 BIO AS Environmental Biology B.S. BIOL  
U119 BIO AS Biology (Comprehensive Science High School Teaching) B.A. BIOL  
U121 CHE AS Chemistry B.A. CHEM  
U122 BIO AS Environmental Biology B.A. BIOL  
U123 CHE AS Chemistry B.S. CHEM  
U124 CHE AS Biochemistry B.S. CHEM  
U125 CHE AS Chemistry (Comprehensive Science High School Teaching) B.A. CHEM  
U126 CHE AS Chemistry (Comprehensive Science High School Teaching) B.S. CHEM  
U129 CLA AS Latin (High School Teaching) B.A. CLAS  
U130 CLA AS Second Academic Concentration/Classical Studies    
U134 MST AS Media Studies B.A. MDST  
U137 CST AS Communication Studies B.A. CMST  
U143 CSD HH Speech Pathology/Audiology B.S. SPAU  
U155 ENG AS English B.A. ENGL  
U157 ENG AS English (High School Teaching) B.A. ENGL  
U159 LLC AS French B.A. FREN  
U160 LLC AS Russian     Checkmark
U161 LLC AS French (K–12 Teaching) B.A. FREN  
U162 SES ED B–12 Deaf & Hard of Hearing Teacher Licensure B.S. PRDF  
U163 GEO AS Geography B.A. GEOG  
U164 GEO AS Geographic Information Science B.A. GEOG  
U165 GEO AS Urban Planning B.A. GEOG  
U167 GEO AS Earth Science/Environmental Studies B.A. GEOG  
U168 CHE AS Chemistry Research B.S. CHEM  
U169 GEO AS Geography (Social Studies High School Teaching) B.A. GEOG  
U171 LLC AS German B.A. GERM  
U172 LLC AS Online German Minor     Checkmark
U175 HIS AS History B.A. HIST  
U177 HIS AS History (Social Studies High School Teaching) B.A. HIST  
U178 MAT AS Interdisciplinary B.S. MATH  
U179 MAT AS Mathematics B.A. MATH  
U179 MAT AS Mathematics minor     Checkmark
U180 CMP AS Computer Science B.S. CMPS  
U182 MAT AS Computer Science B.S. MATH  
U183 MAT AS Mathematics (High School Teaching) B.A. MATH  
U184 MAT AS Statistics B.S. MATH  
U186 BIO AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.S. BIOL  
U188 CHE AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.S. CHEM  
U189 PHI AS Philosophy B.A. PHIL  
U190 PHI AS Philosophy Prelaw B.A. PHIL  
U191 PHY AS Physics B.A. PHYS  
U192 MAT AS Statistics Minor     Checkmark
U193 PHY AS Physics B.S. PHYS  
U194 PHI AS Philosophical Ethics Minor     Checkmark
U195 PHY AS Physics (Comprehensive Science High School Teaching) B.A. PHYS  
U196 PHY AS Physics (Comprehensive Science High School Teaching) B.S. PHYS  
U197 PSC AS Political Science B.A. PSCI  
U198 PSC AS Political Science Prelaw B.A. PSCI  
U199 PSC AS Political Science (Social Studies High School Teaching) B.A. PSCI  


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