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Undergraduate Area of Study (AOS) Codes

Reference to Undergraduate Areas of Study (AOS Codes)

The Area of Study Code (AOS code) is a code unique to UNCG. It is an internal mechanism that determines what program information appears on a student’s transcript and advising record, and is used to track students through their academic careers. AOS codes identify majors, concentrations, second majors, minors, and teacher licensure areas at the university level.

The following list contains only currently active undergraduate area of study codes. Please note that most majors can also be taken as second majors or minors. See specific program descriptions and requirements for details.

Areas of study that provide teacher licensure are indicated by either Social Studies High School Teaching, K–12 Teaching, K–6 Licensure, 6–9 Licensure, High School Teaching, or simply Licensure as part of the description. An asterisk (*) following a major code indicates that it can be taken only as a second major or as a secondary area of study. Programs that are offered only as minors have a check mark under “Minor.”

AOS Codes List

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.