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Activities so far

As you proceeded through Module 4, you should have participated in the following online activities: discussion forum, poll questions, and readings.

If you have not, please make sure you go back and complete these before proceeding. Further activities for this unit are listed below.

  • Poll Question: Are prostitutes motivated by vice?
  • Poll Question: Should prostitution be a crime?
  • WEBLINK READING : Miller v. California
  • Poll Question: Do you agree with the Supreme Court ruling in Miller v. California ?
  • Poll Question: Do you think pornography can have serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value?
  • WEBLINK READING : " Cambria List"
  • Poll Question: Is the "Miller test" a good measure of when pornography constititutes a crime?
  • Poll Question: Should videos like the one produced by Lizzy Borden's company Extreme Associates be criminalized?
  • Poll Question: Is how pornography harms women the best reason to restrict pornography?
  • Is restricting pornography a wrongful restriction of women's freedom?
  • Poll Question: Is pornography a secondary harm to women?
  • WEBLINK READING : American Booksellers Association v. Hudnut
  • Poll Question: Did the court reach the right decision in American Booksellers v. Hudnut ?
  • Poll Question: Do you think some pornography should be criminalized as inciting harm?
  • Poll Question: Should we adopt Feinberg's offense principle?
  • Poll Question: Is some pornography so offensive that it should be criminalized?
  • Poll Question: Is "Dale's House of Anal" criminal obscenity/pornography under the Miller test?

Discussion Exercise and Poll

The discussion assignment appears in Part 5. Be sure to read the case, post your verdict in the Poll Question, and answer the following questions on the discussion board.

  1. Why did you answer as you did?
  2. If this video had been downloaded from the Internet rather than rented in a store would your verdict change?
  3. Is there a community standard on the Internet? If so, what is it?


Just a reminder, There are four quizzes in the course. Each quiz is worth 10 points. These quizzes are designed to ensure that you are keeping up with the reading assignments. The quizzes occur at the end of every even numbered module (2, 4, 6 and 8). Quiz questions are drawn from a random test bank, so it is unlikely any two students will encounter the same set of questions. You are free to use any materials you wish to aid you during the quiz however, quizzes are timed so you have only 20 minutes to complete and submit the quizzes. Quizzes are available 3 days prior to the due date giving you a total of 4 days in which to take the quiz.

The second quiz appears at the end of this module.