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Module 1: Vice, Crime, and American Law: Concepts and Relationships




When beginning any discussion it is important to first understand what we are discussing. Certainly everyone hears and uses terms such as “vices” “crime” and “laws.” However, take a moment and ask yourself: What is a vice? What is a crime? What is a law? Do you have clear definitions of these concepts? If you do not, you are not alone as most people (even those who frequently use these terms) cannot offer much of an answer to these questions either. Therefore, our first task is to come to some understanding about these and other concepts relevant to the course. By the end of this module you should have a clear understanding of several terms, concepts, and theories which we will employ during the rest of the course.

Pre Course issue poll: The following twelve questions will survey your initial views concerning the subject matter of this course. All students' answers will be displayed together anonymously so you can see how the class as a whole views these issues. At the end of the course you will be asked to answer these questions again to see if any of your views have changed as a result of our inquiry into these subjects. Those final results will also be displayed anonymously as a class.


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