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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the "Pre Course Issue Poll" and "Post Course Issue Poll"?

At the beginning of the course students are asked to provide their initial views concerning subjects examined in the course. This allows all students to see what the class as a whole thinks going into the course. At the end of the course students are asked to answer these questions again. This allows all students to see what the class as a whole thinks after examining and discussing the issues. The post issue poll also allows students to see where, if anywhere, their own views have changed as well as how the class as a whole changed. You should complete the Pre Course Issue Poll when you encounter it in Module 1. You should complete the Post Course Issue Poll when you encounter it at the end of Module 8.

2. What does "Quiz begins" and "Quiz ends" mean?

All quizzes are available for you to complete for 4 days. The "quiz begins day" is the first day you can complete the quiz. The "quiz ends day" is the last day to complete a quiz. Quizzes begin at 12:05am on the first day and end at 11:55pm on the last day. You are strongly advised to complete your quiz early and not to wait until the last day. Each quiz is worth 10% of your final grade. Further quiz policies are found in the syllabus.

3. What is the FAQ quiz?

This is a real quiz which constitutes 10% of your final grade. The quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the syllabus and course FAQ. In other words, the quiz is there to ensure that you have read and understood how the course operates. If you have read the syllabus and FAQ, this quiz is an easy opportunity to pick up some points.

4. What are "discussion due" dates?

Discussion due dates are the last day to discuss a topic. You may still discuss a topic after that date but anything posted after the due date is not counted in your final discussion score. The discussion due date also marks the end of the module and lets you know it is time to be working on the next one if you are not already. At the end of the semester you will receive a single score for all module discussion exercises. This score will account for 10% of your final grade.

5. What time of day are things due?

All due dates are at 11:55 pm on the date listed.

6. What is the policy for make-ups and deadline extensions in this course?

Students have several days in which to complete each assignment. Students are strongly encouraged to turn work in early. A make-up or deadline extension is available only when you have made arrangements with me in advance of the deadline. If you miss a deadline without making arrangements with me, no make-up or extension will be given. See syllabus for further details. Those who ask for an exception will be referred to this policy.

7. I have a question which is not answered here. What should I do?

Check the syllabus to see if your question is answered there. If no answer is found there, then you have two options. First, you can post your question publicly to the "Questions for the Professor" board on the course discussion board where I (or another student) will answer your question. Second, you can ask your question privately using the course email function. Those students who ask questions that are answered in the syllabus or FAQ will be referred to the syllabus and FAQ for the answer.