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Undergraduate AOS Codes

Inactivated Codes

The following undergraduate areas of study codes have been inactivated (no longer available for new students) effective fall 2012:




Program Name/ Description




U104 ART AS Art History/Museum Studies B.A. ART  
U111 ART AS Design B.F.A. ART  
U122 BIO AS Environmental Biology B.A. BIOL
U178 MTH AS Interdisciplinary B.S. MATH  
U182 MTH AS Computer Science B.S. MATH  
U186 BIO AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.S. BIOL  
U188 CHE AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.S. CHEM
U231 BIO AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.A. BIOL  
U232 CHE AS 4+1 Medical Technology B.A. CHEM  
U329 ECO BE Financial Economics B.S. ECON  
U337 BUS BE Entrepreneurship/Small Business B.S. BADM  
U414 CTR HH Commercial Recreation & Special Event Management B.S. RPMT  
U418 CTR HH Recreation & Parks Management Minor     Checkmark
U419 CTR HH Leisure Services Management B.S. RPMT  
U448 PHE HH Health Studies B.S. PHTH  
U449 PHE HH Health Studies 2Plus B.S. PHTH  
U611 MUP MT Instrument Performance B.M. PRFM  
U778 ECO BE Financial Economics 2Plus B.S. ECON  
U784 BAD BE Entrepreneurship/Small Business 2Plus B.S. BADM  
U850 MTH AS Applied Mathematics (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U851 MTH AS Pure Mathematics (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U852 MTH AS Applied Mathematics B.S. MATH  
U853 MTH AS Pure Mathematics B.S. MATH  
U854 MTH AS Computer Science (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U855 MTH AS Statistics (High School Teaching) B.S. MATH  
U860 CHE AS Biochemistry/4 + 1 Medical Technology B.S. BCHE  

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