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Undergraduate AOS Codes

New/Modified Programs

The following undergraduate programs are new or have been significantly modified; these areas of study codes are effective fall 2012:




Program Name/ Description




U110 ART AS Art History B.A. ART  
U112 ART AS New Media and Design B.F.A. ART  
U181 MTH AS Mathematics B.S. MATH  
U322 IMS BE Information Systems/Operations Management Undecided B.S. ISOM  
U326 MNT BE Human Resources B.S. BADM  
U327 MRK BE Marketing B.S. MKTG  
U331 MNT BE Business Studies B.S. BADM  
U338 MNT BE Online Business Studies B.S. BADM  
U441 CTR HH Community and Therapeutic Recreation Minor     Checkmark
U442 CTR HH Community Recreation and Event Planning B.S. RPMT  
U452 MRK BE Hotel/Restaurant Management B.A. HTMT  
U453 MRK BE Travel & Tourism Management B.A. HTMT  
U637 MUP MT Brass and Percussion B.M. PRFM  
U638 MUP MT Strings B.M. PRFM  
U639 MUP MT Woodwinds B.M. PRFM  
U718 MRK BE Entrepreneurship B.S. ENTR  
U830 MNT BE International Business Studies B.S. INTB  
U866 MRK BE Entrepreneurship 2Plus B.S. ENTR  
U886 ART AS Photography B.F.A. ART  
U887 ART AS Printmaking & Drawing B.F.A. ART  

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