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University Studies Courses (UNS)

Courses for Undergraduates

102 The Transfer Experience (1:1)

Pr. first-semester transfer status

This course is designed to expose first-semester transfer students to essential competencies for academic and personal success, including knowledge of the university environment, self-awareness, and academic success skills. (Fall & Spring)

105 The Learning Community Experience (2:2)

Pr. enrollment in a Grogan College Learning Community

Introductory examination of critical issues in educational theory and practice related to the learning community concept. The course also exposes students to essential competencies for academic and personal success. (Fall)

110 First Year Experience (3:3)

Pr. first-year students only

Course explores the history and purpose of UNCG, the nature of personal interactions in a campus environment, and the development of personal success skills and values. (Fall & Spring)

201 The Sophomore Experience (1:2)

This course equips sophomores with essential competencies for academic and personal success including development of personal strengths, exploration of majors and careers, critical thinking, academic skills, and using campus resources. (Fall & Spring)

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