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Cornelia Strong College

South Spencer Hall


Anne Barton, Department of History


Linda Danford, Emerita, Department of Classical Studies

Stephen Danford, Department of Physics & Astronomy

Sherrill Hayes, Conflict and Peace Studies

Christopher Hodgkins, Department of English

Sarah Krive, Lloyd International Honors College

Pam McRae, Emerita, Lloyd International Honors College

Joanne Murphy, Department of Classical Studies

Penelope Pynes, International Programs Center

Adam Ricci, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Mark Schumacher, Jackson Library

Susan Shelmerdine, Department of Classical Studies

Robert Simmons, Department of Classical Studies

Janice Tulloss, Information Technology Services

David Wharton, Department of Classical Studies

Jennifer Whitaker, Department of English, Writing Center

In Strong College we have created a residential community in which students participate in learner-centered cocurricular activities such as attendance at performances and lectures and in which they develop strong interpersonal relationships with faculty and with fellow students that will contribute to their educational, social, and emotional growth. In 2011–12, we will offer a required one-hour readings course for first-year students, STR 301.


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