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Sociology Courses (SOC)

Please note that not all courses are offered every year, but required courses are offered at least once a year.

Courses for Advanced Undergraduates & Graduate Students

501, 502 Selected Topics in Sociology (3:3), (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Opportunity for advanced student to study in-depth topic or issue of special interest.

522 Seminar in Population and Urban Studies (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Advanced study of population processes and urban concepts from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. Emphasis on accessing and interpreting data from the U.S. census and other sources.

526 Comparative Minority Relations (3:3)

Pr. 6 hours in sociology or permission of instructor

Comparative study of ethnic, class, and cultural conflict in developing and developed societies. Attention is given to the impact of ethnicity and class conflict upon societal development and change in the international setting.

533 Political Sociology (3:3)

Pr. one course in field of large-scale organization or permission of instructor

Influence of social values and social forces upon government policy and of government policy upon society. Examination of conflicting political sociological theories.

552 Sociology of Science and Technology (3:3)

Pr. 6 s.h. of sociology at 300 level or above or permission of instructor

Nature and origins of modern science; relations of science and technology; science in democratic and authoritarian societies; images of scientists; origins and recruitment of scientists; career patterns; the organizational setting.

553 Sociology of Occupations and Professions (3:3)

Pr. 3 s.h. of sociology or permission of instructor

Nature and significance of work; culture perspectives on work; occupational choice; socialization into work endeavors; career patterns; control of occupations and professions; labor and leisure; relationships to community and society.

555 Sociology of the Family (3:3)

Pr. 301, 302, 335, or permission of instructor

Critical examination of various ways of studying family, with consideration given to methodology, statistical treatment of data, and substantive findings.

562 Sociology of Education (3:3)

Pr. 6 s.h. of sociology at 300 level or above or permission of instructor

Education as a dynamic and changing social system. Internal processes and structure of educational institutions and their interdependent relations with the environing society.

571 Advanced Topics in Social Psychology (3:3)

Pr. 3 s.h. in sociology and 3 hours in psychology, or permission of instructor

Social impact, exchange, equity, and attribution theories intensively examined as basic in understanding specific substantive problems of reciprocal influences of groups and individuals in socio-cultural context.

589 Experimental Course: Ethnography (3:3)

Pr. permission of instructor

Ethnography, the art of "going in the field," has become a common practice in sociology. This course provides students with the epistemological and practical tools necessary for good ethnographic practice. (Offered spring '10)

Please refer to The Graduate School Bulletin for additional graduate-level courses.

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