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Undergraduate Bulletin
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Department of Sociology

College of Arts & Sciences

337 Graham Building



Julie V. Brown, Associate Professor and Head of Department

Professors Adams, Kroll-Smith, Markham, Petersen

Associate Professors Allan, Brown-Jeffy, Cureton, Hunnicutt, Luebke, Westervelt

Assistant Professors Balaev, Daynes, Hamil-Luker, Kuperberg, Sills

Mission Statement

The Department of Sociology supports the missions of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University in three areas: education, research and service. The Department fosters a community of sociologists, mentors students of sociology at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and provides general education for students throughout the University. Sociological knowledge helps students to understand how social structures and processes shape social life and how sociological analysis and empirical research are used as tools of understanding. The Department also encourages the research and professional development of faculty, contributes knowledge to the community of scholars and to the larger society, and provides service to the discipline, College, University, and extramural communities.

The undergraduate program in sociology is planned primarily as a part of a liberal arts education. The objective is to provide the student with an analytic and systematic approach to the understanding of social relations. The major provides a foundation for a variety of occupations and for advanced study.

Graduate study leading to the Master of Arts degree with a major in sociology also is available. For details, see The Graduate School Bulletin.

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