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Department of Business Administration

including Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, International Business Studies, Management, and Marketing

Bryan School of Business & Economics

366 Bryan Building



Kevin B. Lowe, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Buttner, Ford (Forsyth Medical Center Distinguished Professor of Health Care), Muchinsky (Bryan Distinguished Professor of Business), Tullar, Welsh (Hayes Distinguished Professor of Entrepreneurship)

Associate Professors Acquaah, Brown, Kshetri, Roehm, Williamson

Assistant Professors Bakir, Griffiths, Memili, Reeves, Sarala

Lecturers Cash, Erba, Fernandes, Garrett, Hassell, James, Taras

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Business Administration is to support the mission of the Bryan School, primarily through the imparting of knowledge through instructional programs and secondarily through the creation of knowledge through basic and applied research. A third priority is to provide service through involvement in University, professional and community activities.

The Department of Business Administration offers four majors that lead to the Bachelor of Science degree: Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, International Business Studies, and Marketing. The Business Administration major is comprised of three concentrations: Business Studies, Entrepreneurship/Small Business, and Human Resources.

Business Administration Major

The objective of the Business Administration major is to provide liberally educated students with a broad exposure to the functional areas of business and a more comprehensive understanding of one of the managerial specialties through a choice of a concentration:

Business Studies is most appropriate for those who want a broad business exposure without the need to concentrate specifically in only one functional area. (A student can complete the Business Studies concentration by careful planning of the Career Profile.)

Entrepreneurship/Small Business focuses on special issues related to the organization and management of smaller enterprises, family-owned business, and entrepreneurship.

Human Resources focuses on skills and knowledge needed by the professional human resources manager: job analysis, recruiting, screening, selection, training and development, performance appraisal, job evaluation, and salary administration.

Entrepreneurship Major

Entrepreneurship is defined as the process of creating new enterprises that are sustainable and build value, whether they be for-profit or not-for-profit, economic, social, artistic, cultural, educational, or intellectual.

International Business Studies Major

The International Business Studies major is distinctive in the Bryan School by requiring experiences and competence in areas such as language and study abroad that are not required in other business programs. The need to understand other cultures, societies, and economies is met by requiring/recommending more in liberal education and related areas than is required in General Education requirements for other business programs.

Marketing Major

The Marketing major is concerned with the development and pricing of products, selection of distribution channels, and promotion of products to consumers and businesses. This major leads to careers in sales, sales management, advertising, and retailing as well as marketing management.

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