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UNCG’s Vision for Teaching and Learning

UNCG embraces student learning as its highest priority and provides exemplary learning environments. The University establishes a diverse community of learning in which individual differences are valued and interactions are encouraged in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

The faculty are committed to introducing students to the most important knowledge and research in their disciplines, fostering intellectual depth and breadth, and opening students to new possibilities for understanding themselves and the world. The faculty employ the growing body of knowledge about learning and work continually to evaluate and improve their teaching methods and materials. UNCG views learning as a shared responsibility, and accordingly,

  • maintains clear, high, and consistent learning goals,
  • provides a variety of opportunities which foster intellectual growth,
  • empowers individuals to take responsibility for their own learning,
  • recognizes and supports diverse learning styles and levels of development,
  • incorporates appropriate informational and instructional technologies,
  • encourages the integration of knowledge across disciplines, and
  • utilizes assessment, evaluation, and feedback to improve teaching and learning.

UNCG expects all students to communicate clearly and to make effective use of technology appropriate to their studies. Students are encouraged to be actively engaged in their education. UNCG graduates should be ready to continue as lifelong learners and to face the challenges that will confront them as responsible citizens of the state, the nation and the world.

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.