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Department of English

College of Arts & Sciences

3143 Moore Humanities and Research Administration



Anne Wallace, Professor and Head of the Department

Professors Baker, Beale, Chiseri-Strater, Cushman, Dischell, Evans, Ferguson, Gibson, C. Hodgkins, Kilcup, Langenfeld, Moraru, Nova, Parker, Romine, Roskelly, S. Yarbrough

Associate Professors Dowd, Keith, Myers, Rifkin, Ritter, Sanchez, Schultheis, Weyler

Assistant Professors Applegarth, Black, Clarke, Cuda, Feather, Jones, Morrissette, Roderick, Vines

Lecturers Clark, Kennedy, Littlejohn, Reynolds, Roberts, Swofford, Whitaker

The Department of English offers courses in major authors, in all major literary periods, in literary theory, in linguistics and rhetoric, in journalism, and in writing essays, fiction, and poetry. Senior-graduate courses are available to advanced students, and the graduate program offers the full range of literary and rhetorical studies leading to the M.A. and Ph.D. The creative writing program offers courses both to undergraduates seeking the B.A. degree and to graduate students seeking the MFA degree.

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