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A freshman is defined as a student who is a high school graduate and who has not attended college after graduating from high school. Admission into the freshman class implies that the student will eventually become a candidate for a bachelor’s degree. A student who has college credit totaling fewer than 30 semester hours from a regionally accredited institution is designated as a “freshman-transfer” and must meet requirements under both transfer and freshman admissions programs.

Secondary School Preparation

Candidates for admission to the freshman class must submit a secondary school diploma (or its equivalent) and at least 15 acceptable units of credit from an accredited secondary school. (A unit is defined as credit given for a course which meets for one period daily during the entire school year or its equivalent.) Students must present the required secondary school units.

It is recommended that prospective students take one foreign language unit and one mathematics unit in the twelfth grade.

Application Procedures for Freshmen

  1. Complete the UNCG application forms. A $45 application fee must accompany the application. This fee covers the cost of processing the application and is subject to change; it is not refundable and is not applicable toward tuition or other costs.

    The application deadline for freshman admission is March 1. Applications received after that date will be considered on a space available basis.

  2. Submit an official transcript of secondary school work. Applicants must request that their school counselors forward their transcripts, including courses in progress, weighted cumulative grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and rank in class, directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Students currently enrolled in secondary school should request that the courses in progress and cumulative grade point average be listed on the transcripts.

  3. Take the SAT administered by The College Board or the ACT Assessment with the Writing Test option. If possible, this test should be taken in the spring of the junior year and in the fall of the senior year of secondary school. It is recommended that test scores be sent directly from The College Board or from the ACT Assessment Program to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

    For information about the SAT, visit the ETS Web site at You may also write or call The College Board SAT Program, Princeton, NJ 08541, 609/771-7600. UNCG's College Board code number is 5913. For information about the ACT, you may visit the ACT Web site at You may also write or call ACT, P.O. Box 168, Iowa City, IA 52243, 319/337-1000. UNCG's ACT code number is 3166.

  4. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions reserves the right to request additional information regarding an applicant's activities and responses to questions required by the UNC system. If additional information cannot be collected prior to the above deadlines, the application may be processed for the next term. For this reason, we encourage applicants to submit all required materials well in advance of the posted deadline.

See additional admissions requirements for selected majors and programs.

Early Graduates

Students who plan to complete high school in fewer than four years with the intention of enrolling at UNCG are considered on a case by case basis. To determine if you are eligible to enroll as an early high school graduate, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 336/334-5243. In addition, early high school graduates must meet the following criteria to be considered for admission:

  • Submit the UNCG application forms and application fee prior to the deadline
  • Submit a final high school transcript with an official graduation date that is prior to the intended enrollment date at UNCG
  • Satisfy the minimum course requirements prior to graduation
  • Submit official SAT or ACT scores

Please note that students who enroll as early graduates are not eligible for the merit award scholarship program.

This page was last updated on June 9, 2010.