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Entrance Deficiencies

All deficiencies must be removed before graduation from the University.

High School Subject Deficiencies

Foreign Language

An adult student who graduated from high school prior to 2004 who is deficient in one or two foreign language units may be admitted. If admitted, the student must remove the deficiency prior to the completion of 60 semester hours or become ineligible to continue at UNCG until the deficiencies are removed. A student transferring to UNCG as a junior or senior must remove the deficiencies prior to completion of 30 semester hours or become ineligible to continue.

Deficiencies can be removed by completing the appropriate college-level course in the area of the deficiency. Removal of a two-unit foreign language deficiency requires successful completion of two college-level courses in the same language. Removal of a one-unit language deficiency requires the successful completion of one college-level course at the 102 level. Students admitted with a one-unit deficiency in French or Spanish (and who wish to continue with the same language) must take the Language Placement Test to determine the level at which they will be allowed to begin their study of the language at UNCG.

Students who graduate from high school and who are deficient in any high school unit must contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions regarding admissions requirements.

Appeal of Foreign Language Admission Deficiencies

A student with circumstances that may interfere with his/her ability to successfully remove foreign language admission deficiencies by completing beginning-level foreign language courses (through the 102 level) may appeal to remove the deficiencies by completing alternate courses. A written appeal and any supporting documentation should be submitted to Student Academic Services. In such cases, after consultation with appropriate University faculty and staff, Student Academic Services may approve alternate foreign language courses that are translated into English or courses in the history and traditions of non-English speaking cultures.

This page was last updated on June 9, 2010.