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Board of Trustees
Committee Meetings
December 5, 2013

12:00 pm Lunch
Undergraduate Research at UNCG: Opening Doors of Discovery and Bright Horizons
Dr. Lee Phillips, Director, Office of Undergraduate Research [and Creativity]

Maple Room, EUC
1:00 pm Educational Quality and Fiscal Affairs Committee

Strategic Discussions
Maple Room, EUC
4:00 pm University Advancement Committee Maple Room, EUC
4:00 pm Athletics Committee White Oak Room, EUC
5:30 pm Holiday Reception/Dinner Virginia Dare Room, Alumni House

Committee meeting times are subject to change.
The Audit Committee will meet via teleconference on December 4, 2013 at 9:00 am.


Board of Trustees
Full Board Meeting
December 6, 2013
Virginia Dare Room, Alumni House
8:30 a.m.

Welcome R. David Sprinkle, Chair
Roll Call Bonita J. Brown, Assistant Secretary
Chair's Remarks R. David Sprinkle, Chair
Chancellor's Report Linda P. Brady, Chancellor

2013 Campus Master Plan Update - Hope Stege and Greg Havens, Sasaki Associates

Open Forum
Speakers must sign up in advance

Approval of Minutes of the August 29, 2013 Meeting

Action Items

  1. Proposed Campus-Initiated Tuition Increase 2014-15 (Perrin) (BOT-1)
  2. Proposed Fee Increase 2014-15 (Taylor/Callahan) (BOT-2)
  3. Requests for Differential Tuition Increases 2014-15 (Perrin) (BOT-3 (a-d))
  4. Proposed Special Fee Requests 2014-15 (Perrin) (BOT-4) - Revised 12-4-13
  5. Authorization for Lease of Space in the Downtown University Campus (Taylor) (BOT-5)
  6. Reimbursement Resolution (Taylor) (BOT-6)
  7. Designer Selection for Soccer Stadium and Field Repairs (Taylor) (BOT-7)
  8. Increase Delegation for Appointment of Designers for Projects with Authorized Funding of $2,000,000 or Less (Taylor) (BOT-8)
  9. Designer Selection for Roof Replacement: Ferguson Building, Financial Aid Building, and University Graphics and Printing Building (Taylor) (BOT-9)
  10. Candidates to be Awarded Degrees and Certificates December 2013 (Perrin) (BOT-10)
  11. Recommended Appointments and Reappointments to the Board of Directors of The Weatherspoon Arts Foundation (Zink) (BOT-11)
  12. Recommended Appointments to the Board of Directors of the Capital Facilities Foundation, Inc. (Zink) (BOT-12)
  13. Recommended Reappointment to the Board of Directors of the Human Environmental Sciences Foundation (Zink) (BOT-13)

Committee Reports

  1. Educational Quality and Fiscal Affairs Committee – Sprinkle
  2. University Advancement Committee – McAllister
  3. Athletics Committee – Blackmon
  4. Audit Committee – McAllister

Information Items

  1. UNCG Investment Fund Update (Taylor)
  2. Report of Additions to and Deletions from the August 2013 Degree Candidates List (Perrin)
  3. Update on Research and Community/Economic Engagement (Perrin)
  4. Audit Review for Board of Trustees (Skeen)

Closed Session

  1. Personnel Report dated November 20, 2013 (Perrin) (BOT-14)
  2. Recommendation for Award of the McIver Medal (Zink) (BOT-15)
  3. Recommendation for Award of the Holderness/Weaver Award (Zink) (BOT-16)
  4. Management Flexibility (Perrin)
  5. Personnel Matter (Brady)