201008 Syllabi for Accounting and Finance

ACC 201-01: Financial Accounting

ACC 201-01: Financial Accounting

ACC 201-02: Financial Accounting

ACC 201-03: Financial Accounting

ACC 201-04: Financial Accounting

ACC 201-04D: Financial Accounting

ACC 201-04X: Financial Accounting

ACC 202-01: Managerial Accounting

ACC 202-02: Managerial Accounting

ACC 218-01: Financl Stmnt Prep/Disclosures

ACC 218-02: Financl Stmnt Prep/Disclosures

ACC 318-01: Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 318-02: Intermediate Accounting I

ACC 319-01: Intermediate Accounting II

ACC 319-01: Intermediate Accounting II

ACC 319-02: Intermediate Accounting II

ACC 325-01: Acc Proc Transactn Sys

ACC 330-01: Cost Accounting

ACC 330-02: Cost Accounting

ACC 420-02: Federal Tax Concepts

ACC 440-01: Auditing Concepts

ACC 450-01: Acc Ethics and Interntl Bus

ACC 600-01: Professional Accounting Resrch

ACC 630-01: Sem Contemporary Acc Issues

ACC 631-01: Advanced Auditing

ACC 642-01: Specialized Accnt Entities

ACC 655-01: Taxation of Corportns Shrholdr

FIN 315-01: Business Finance I

FIN 315-02: Business Finance I

FIN 315-03: Business Finance I

FIN 315-04: Business Finance I

FIN 315-04D: Business Finance I

FIN 315-04X: Business Finance I

FIN 330-01: Financial Institutns / Markets

FIN 410-01: Business Finance II

FIN 430-01: Real Estate Investment

FIN 442-01: Investments

FIN 450-01: Derivatives