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Pre Law (PREL)

Advisory Committee

Eloise Hassell, Department of Business Administration

Christopher Hodgkins, Department of English

Thomas Jackson, Department of History

Susan Johnson, Department of Political Science

David Lefkowitz, Department of Philosophy

Kimberlianne Podlas, Department of Media Studies

Saundra Westervelt, Department of Sociology

Admittance to law school is based primarily on a student’s grade point average, score on the law school admission test (LSAT), and other materials furnished in an application for admission.

Like most universities, UNCG does not have a pre-law major. Students who plan to attend law school may select their major from any academically rigorous field. However, since law schools seek to admit students who can think, speak, and write at the highest levels of competency, students (regardless of major) should take courses that develop skills in critical, creative, and reflective thinking as well as clear and cogent writing and speaking. To obtain these skills, it is especially useful to take courses in the areas of Philosophical, Religious, and Ethical Principles (GPR) and Reasoning and Discourse (GRD). Courses in these areas are offered by many departments, including Anthropology, Communication Studies, English, History, Philosophy (which offers a pre-law concentration for majors), Political Science, Religious Studies, and Sociology. In addition, Freshman Seminars, Honors, and Residential College courses are helpful. Students should also be sure to develop computer skills.

Students interested in pre-law should consult one of the pre-law advisors from the above list in addition to their major advisors.

This page was last updated on June 6, 2012.