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Integrated Science Program

College of Arts & Sciences

116E Graham Building



Jay Lennartson, co-Director, Geography

Jerry Walsh, co-Director, Chemistry and Biochemistry

John Lepri, Biology

Catherine Matthews, Teacher Education and Higher Education

Promod Pratap, Physics and Astronomy

The new baccalaureate program in Integrated Science provides an opportunity for students to develop a knowledge base in the sciences, explore one science area in depth, and study the interconnectedness of the sciences in real world situations. The program will be the foundation for a comprehensive science teacher licensure program, and provides a valuable undergraduate program for students interested in a technical foundation to accompany a liberal education. It will serve students interested in technical writing, science policy, patent law, and even professional school—a student who selects the biology or chemistry focus would complete almost all of the core courses recommended for pre-professional preparation. The program includes foundation courses in biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics. Students take at least three upper level courses in one science area, and several courses that investigate the nature of scientific discovery, development of scientific knowledge, and the applications of science.

Student Learning Objectives

  1. Provide strong foundational knowledge in the traditional disciplines of biology, chemistry, earth science and physics.
  2. Provide opportunities for students to explore science as it integrates across the traditional disciplines.
  3. Evaluate real world problems that require interdisciplinary knowledge of the sciences.
  4. Provide a program for students preparing for licensure in comprehensive science at the secondary level.


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