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African American Studies Major (AFST)

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Required: 122 semester hours, to include at least 36 hours at or above the 300 course level

Available Concentrations and AOS Codes:
African American Studies, U803
Cultural Arts, U865

The African American Studies major gives students an integrated and critical understanding of the experiences and contributions of peoples of African descent throughout the world.

African American Studies students will be able to apply these theories and methods to better understand the social, political, and economic problems facing people of African descent. In addition, students graduating with the major will be well prepared for leadership in the African American community, in particular, and American society in general. The African American Studies Program is committed to offering an academically challenging curriculum coupled with a solid foundation of liberal arts education.

The Cultural Arts concentration is for majors interested in developing their knowledge of African American performance, art, film, and music. Students who pursue this concentration will enhance their understanding of how culture, history, politics, gender, and art intersect.


I General Education Core Requirements (GEC)

See complete GEC requirements and approved course listings for all categories.

Core Category


Students may select courses for:


Literature (GLT)


Fine Arts (GFA)


Philosophical, Religious, Ethical Principles (GPR)


Mathematics (GMT)


Natural Sciences (GNS)
one must be a laboratory course; each must have a
different departmental prefix


Reasoning and Discourse (GRD)
ENG 101 or FMS 115 or RCO 101, and one additional GRD course




Department specifies courses for:


One additional GLT course (student may select)


Historical Perspectives on Western Culture (GHP)
required: AFS 201


Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)
required: AFS 210 and one other GSB course



II General Education Marker Requirements

See details and courses. It is possible to meet all GE Marker Requirements while completing the GE Core requirements or courses required by the major/concentration.

Students may select courses for:

Global/Global Non-Western Perspectives (GL/GN)
four (4) courses carrying GL/GN markers, at least one of which must carry the GN marker

One Speaking Intensive (SI) Course
In addition to this SI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second SI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements that is taught as Speaking Intensive.

One Writing Intensive (WI) Course
In addition to this WI Marker requirement, students must also complete a second WI course within the major. All programs have identified at least one course among their major requirements that is taught as Writing Intensive.


III College of Arts and Sciences Additional Requirements (CAR)

See requirements and approved courses.



Historical Perspectives on Western Culture
one GHP/GPM course


Natural Sciences
one additional GNS/GLS or GPS course


Social and Behavioral Sciences (GSB)
one additional GSB course


Foreign Language (GFL)
intermediate-level proficiency in one language, demonstrated by placement test, or completion of course work through course number 204


Writing Intensive Courses (WI)
a total of four WI courses



IV Major and Related Area Requirements

Minimum 30 semester hours to include the following:

Core Courses for Both Concentrations (18 semester hours)

  1. AFS 2011, 2101, 315, 410
  2. AFS 376 or ENG 374 or 376
  3. AFS 355 or HIS 301 or 389

1AFS 201 satisfies GHP and CAR GMO; AFS 210 satisfies one GSB requirement.

Additional AFS and Related Area Courses (12 semester hours)

African American Studies

Students should select an additional 12 hours from the following courses:

AFS 200, 260, 300, 305, 310, 320, 325, 330, 351, 400, 492, 554; ARH 211, 370, 371; DCE 232, 332; ATY 325, 355, 440; ENG 315; HIS 203, 204, 302, 306, 399, 502, 524, 581; MTD 214; PHI 121; PSC 391; REL 229; SOC 222, 327, 364, 390, 425; WGS 333

Cultural Arts Concentration

AFS 400 (3 s.h.) is required; in addition, students should select 3 courses (9 s.h.) from AFS 200, 310, 330, or 351.

V Electives

Electives sufficient to complete the 122 semester hours required for degree.

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