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Undergraduate Bulletin
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African American Studies Program

College of Arts & Sciences

200 Foust Building


Core and Affiliated Faculty

Tara T. Green, Associate Professor and Director, African American Studies Program

Omar Ali, African American Studies Program

Shelly L. Brown-Jeffy, Department of Sociology

Michael Cauthen, Lecturer, African American Studies Program

Sara Jane Cervenak, Women's and Gender Studies and African American Studies Programs

Duane Cyrus, Department of Dance

George Dimock, Department of Art

SallyAnn H. Ferguson, Department of English

Cerise Glenn, Department of Communication Studies

William D. Hart, Department of Religious Studies

Colleen Kriger, Department of History

Frank Woods, Visiting Assistant Professor, African American Studies Program

Mission Statement

The African American Studies Program advances the University's commitment to diverse perspectives and inclusive learning environments through course offerings, programming, and community involvement. It fosters interdisciplinary study for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students by examining how people of African descent have shaped our world. As a program located in a city with a history of Black sociopolitical movements, we provide a forum to engage the complexities of Black life across African diasporas.

This page was last updated on June 6, 2012.