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General Education Credit through Study Abroad

Students may receive General Education Core category and marker credit for courses taken in three overseas programs offered by the University’s International Programs Center. For information about these courses, contact the International Programs Center, 127 McIver Street, UNCG, 336/334-5404.

Fall Semester in Estonia

Political System and Administration (GSB)

Estonian History (GHP)

Estonian Literature in Translation (GLT-GN)

Estonian Culture (GFA)

Ecology and Nature in Estonia (GNS)

Economy (GSB)

Fall Semester in Finland

Cultures and Societies of Scandinavia (GSB)

Indigenous Cultures of the Polar Region (GN)

Arts of Scandinavia (GFA)

Finnish and Scandinavian Literature in Translation (GLT-GN)

Nordic Nature and Environment (GNS)

Spring Semester in Poland

Arts in Contemporary Poland (GFA)

Culture and Society in Contemporary Poland (GSB)

Evolution of Political Systems in Eastern Europe (GSB)

History of Poland (GHP)

Transition of Central European Countries to Market Economies (GSB)

Polish Literature in Translation (GLT-GN)

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