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General Education Requirement Abbreviations

Courses approved as meeting requirements in the general education core or marker areas are indicated by one of the following abbreviations following the course title and credit:

GE Core Category Abbreviations

GFA Fine Arts
GHP Historical Perspectives on Western Culture
GLT Literature
GMT Mathematics
GNS Natural Sciences
GPR Philosophical/Religious/Ethical Perspectives
GRD Reasoning and Discourse
GSB Social and Behavioral Sciences


GE Marker Abbreviations

GL Global Perspectives
GN Global Non-Western Perspectives
SI Speaking Intensive
WI Writing Intensive


College’s Additional Requirements (CAR) Abbreviations

GFL Foreign Language
GLS Natural Sciences—Life Science
GMO Historical Perspectives—Modern
GPM Historical Perspectives—Premodern
GPS Natural Sciences—Physical Science

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.