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Basic Technology Competencies

UNCG recognizes that the ability to utilize appropriate technologies is an essential proficiency for a university graduate in the twenty-first century. The University has established a list of Basic Technology Competencies in the categories of computer operation; setup; maintenance and troubleshooting; word processing; spreadsheet/graphing; library research; networking; telecommunication; use of Internet/Web; media communications; and multimedia integration. The list of these competencies is available as an on-line resource, and provides several means available to UNCG students for acquiring each competency, with options that include campus workshops, computer lab staff support, and Web sites. Go to UNCG Basic Technology Competencies to view and access these resources.

UNCG students are expected to use a variety of these basic technology competencies and additional competencies relevant to their fields of study. Incoming students should review the basic competencies and work to correct any deficiencies.

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.