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Department of Specialized Education Services

School of Education

444 School of Education Building



Bonnie Billingsley, Professor and Chair of Department

Professors Bursuck, Vallecorsa

Associate Professors Compton, Hardin, Kurtts, Parker, Rock

Assistant Professors DeNaples, Dobbins, Hill, Jimenez, Kang, Little

Lecturers Allen, Torres

The primary goal of the Department of Specialized Education Services is to prepare professionals for diverse roles in working with individuals with disabilities across the lifespan in a variety of educational and community environments. Programs in the department emphasize the delivery of services in integrated settings, with a focus on interdisciplinary and interagency collaboration. Upon graduation, students are prepared for professional careers in public and private schools, residential settings, community agencies, clinics, and organizations. Faculty teaching, research, and service activities facilitate these outcomes.

All students in SES programs are required to demonstrate that they have read, understand, and are able to completely meet the technical standards for their programs. Technical standards are outlined in each program's handbook. All students in SES programs must have reliable transportation to and from practicum and/or internship sites.

American Sign Language Placement Exam

All students who have had prior experience with American Sign Language in high school or elsewhere must have a placement score to enroll in a 100–300 level American Sign Language course. The American Sign Language placement exam is offered at the beginning of each semester. Students may make an appointment to take the placement exam by calling the Professions in Deafness Program at 336/256-1217. The test takes approximately one hour to an hour and a half.

The placement test is a written and performance-based instrument, the purpose of which is to provide a general assessment about the student's receptive and expressive abilities in ASL, basic linguistics of ASL and knowledge of Deaf culture. Each student must pass the written portion of the test before he or she is allowed to take the performance portion. Placement test scores will be valid for one year after the test is taken. The test can be taken only twice within a year and with at least a four-month interval between attempts. Once a student has started the course sequence in the ASL program, he or she cannot take the placement exam again. Course credits are not awarded to students for taking the exam. Each student will receive a waiver for the level of courses that he or she successfully passes on the exam.

Each student who places out of an ASL course level and enters the next level must prove his or her placement in the course on the second day of classes by providing a paper copy of his or her placement score to the instructor. The instructor must check every student's proof of placement to assure that he or she belongs in that level of American Sign Language. If the student has taken the UNCG American Sign Language placement exam but has misplaced his or her score, the student may contact the Professions in Deafness Program for verification of the score. If a student does not have the proper proof of placement, he or she cannot remain in the course.

Students entering SES 101 American Sign Language I will not need to provide placement exam results since it is the first class in the sequence of ASL courses. The Professions in Deafness Program will notify the University Registrar of the placement test results and which courses will be waived. Any other questions regarding student placement should be referred to the appropriate Language Coordinator in the Department of Specialized Education Services.

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.