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Department of Psychology

College of Arts & Sciences

296 Eberhart Building



Robert Guttentag, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Anastopoulos, Calkins, Johnston, Kane, Keane, Kwapil, Logan, Michel, Nelson-Gray, Seta, Shelton, White, Wisniewski

Associate Professors Delaney, Levine, Marcovitch, Mendez, Rodriguez, Sahakyan, Silvia, Touron

Assistant Professors Boseovski, Eddington, Shanahan, Stein, Zell

Lecturer Ladrow

The Department of Psychology approaches its subject matter as a scientific discipline with emphasis placed on understanding behavior and cognition through experimentation and observation.

All of the major areas of specialization in psychology are represented among the interests of the departmental faculty. Biopsychologists study the biological foundations of behavior. Experimental psychologists investigate problems related to cognition, learning, sensation and perception, personality, development, and social functioning. Clinical psychologists emphasize the understanding of psychological disorders and the application of psychological principles to clinical problems and other aspects of adult and child behavior.

The objectives of the curriculum are:

  1. To provide an understanding of the use of scientific methodology in psychological research at both intermediate and advanced levels. This understanding will include a familiarity with the design of observational, survey, and experimental studies; principles of inference from scientific data; the logic of statistical testing; and the use of scientific literature.
  2. To provide basic knowledge in primary areas of the discipline through an array of required intermediate-level core courses;
  3. To develop depth of understanding in areas of the discipline specific to students’ individual interests;
  4. To ensure that students can write clearly and effectively in an appropriate professional style.

In addition to the B.A. program for undergraduates, the department has a Ph.D. program for graduate students.

Students who wish to seek teacher licensure should see Teachers Academy as well as below. Such persons should contact the departmental Director of Undergraduate Studies as early as possible.

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