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Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

Bryan School of Business & Economics

479 Bryan Building



Kwasi Amoako-Gyampah, Professor and Head of Department

Professors Bhadury, Ehrhardt, Gargeya, Hershey, Palvia, Weeks

Associate Professors Eatman, Iyer, King, Nemati, Salam, Singh, Taube

Assistant Professor Zhao

Lecturers Knapp, Lockley

Mission Statement

Our mission is to integrate quality instruction in information systems and operations management with relevant research and professional services. This integration will help students develop an appropriate background and critical skills needed to function effectively in a global, technology-driven environment. We strive to fulfill this mission as an integral part of the Bryan School of Business and Economics and in support of its mission and purposes. Our chief goal is to provide top-tier information systems and operations management programs in North Carolina as assessed by employers of our graduates.

Programs offered by the department include study of information technology and supply chain analysis applied to business operations and management decision making. Career opportunities are excellent for quality graduates of either of the concentrations. All students in departmental programs gain extensive experience using networked computer systems and contemporary applications software.

The department assists professional student development, and assists students with career planning. Students with appropriate academic records are encouraged to seek an internship as juniors or seniors.

Student Learning Goals

     The primary Learning Goal for both the Information Systems and Supply Chain Management concentrations is to prepare students to utilize various information technologies and tools and deliver enhanced business productivity.

     The following Learning Objectives have been endorsed by the faculty to guide the development, evaluation, and continuous improvement of the ISOM undergraduate degree program. The first two objectives are common to both concentrations, and these are followed by two more objectives for the IS concentration and two more for the SCM concentration.

  • Students will be skilled in the application of appropriate end-user computing tools to enhance productivity.
  • Students can model business data requirements and utilize relational database technology.

Students concentrating in Information Systems will be able to:

  • Employ a systems approach and a system development method to understand business problems.
  • Design and develop business software applications.

Students concentrating in Supply Chain Management will be able to:

  • Apply process analysis to document supply chain management components and propose improvements.
  • Apply appropriate methods and techniques to analyze and solve supply chain management problems.

Admission and Repeat Policies

Admission to the ISOM Department requires a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Requirements in future years may be higher depending upon departmental capacity and student demand. If enrollments threaten program quality, students’ registration in upper level courses will be based upon their cumulative GPAs. Information about current ISM admission requirements and policies is available in Rooms 479 and 301 in the Bryan Building.

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.