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Department of Counseling & Educational Development

School of Education

212 Ferguson Building



J. Scott Young, Professor and Chair of the Department

Professors Benshoff, Borders, Cashwell, Myers

Associate Professors Lewis, Mobley, Murray, Wester

Assistant Professors Gonzalez, Hines

Adjunct Professors Foreman, Hamilton, Wiles

The Counselor Education program at UNCG adheres to the scientist problem-solver model of training. Consistent with this approach is the program’s goal of graduating students who have knowledge of basic counseling, possess a high level of competency in providing professional services, and have the skills necessary to conduct research. The tenets underlying the program include (a) exposure to a variety of theoretical orientations for counseling, (b) reliance on both the clinical-counseling and vocational-education approaches in designing counseling and programmatic interventions, (c) a commitment to developing the student’s skills as a researcher, and (d) an emphasis on developing the normal developmental issues of the individual as opposed to an approach based on pathology.

Counseling and Educational Development Degrees

Degrees offered—Master of Science (M.S.), Dual Degrees Master’s and Educational Specialist (M.S. and Ed.S.), Doctor of Education (Ed.D.), Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

There are no undergraduate areas of study offered by this department.

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