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School of Education

324 School of Education Building

Karen K. Wixson, Professor and Dean of School

Sam Miller, Professor and Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs

Terry Ackerman, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Assessment

The School of Education comprises six departments and three centers.

Departments (Department Code)

Counseling and Educational Development (CED)

Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations (ELC)

Educational Research Methodology (ERM)

Library and Information Studies (LIS)

Specialized Education Services (SES)

Teacher Education and Higher Education (HED)


Center for Educational Research and Evaluation

Center for School Accountability, Staff Development, and Teacher Quality

Collegium for the Advancement of Schools, Schooling, and Education

All departments are engaged in graduate programs leading to master’s, specialist’s, and/or doctoral degrees. The Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education and the Department of Specialized Education Services offer undergraduate degrees as well; their Bachelor of Science programs prepare students for the Standard Professional I License in North Carolina. Undergraduate majors are available in Elementary and Middle Grades Education, Professions in Deafness, and Special Education.

The School of Education also supports programs in teacher education conducted under the auspices of other schools (Music; Health and Human Performance; Human Environmental Sciences) and departments within the College of Arts and Sciences by responding to course requirements in the areas of social, philosophical, and psychological foundations, methodology, and curriculum and student teaching. Recent emphases in competency-based curricula and individualized programming contribute to new designs of teacher education programs.

All licensure programs for school personnel are approved by the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction and accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

The School of Education continues to seek realization of its goals as a professional school to create and disseminate new knowledge in professional education, to engage in field services and apply research findings, to prepare practitioners, and to study the profession. A general discussion of Teacher Education may be found in Teacher Education Programs.

See list of departments of the School of Education that offer undergraduate programs. Students seeking further information on graduate-level programs are referred to The Graduate School Bulletin.

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