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Other Regulations

Requirements for a Second Baccalaureate Degree

A student with a bachelor’s degree may receive a second baccalaureate degree if it is a different degree or a different major. In such a case, all the requirements for the second degree and major as stated in the catalog which the student is entitled to follow must be met. In any case, a minimum of 31 hours in residence beyond requirements for the first degree must be completed.

Meeting requirements for a second major does not qualify a student to receive a second degree. See explanation of second majors.

Simultaneous Degrees

A student may receive two degrees at the same time if the requirements for both degrees are met. A minimum of 31 hours in residence beyond the requirements for the first degree must be completed (e.g., if the first degree requires 122 semester hours, a total of 153 hours must be completed).

Honors for Second Degree Recipients and Transfer Students

To maintain equity with students who have attended all four years at UNCG and who may have a semester GPA that would qualify them for honors, the following policy is in place: Any second degree candidate or degree candidate who transferred to UNCG from another institution is eligible for graduation with honors who, at the end of the final year, has completed toward the degree (in the case of second degree students, toward the second degree) at least 45 hours of work in residence at UNCG and has earned the requisite grade point average.

Dual Registration as Undergraduate and Graduate

Undergraduate students at UNCG who plan to undertake graduate study at UNCG, and who lack no more than 12 semester hours of work to fulfill all requirements for the bachelor’s degree, may enroll in The Graduate School. Total graduate credit obtained in this dual status may not exceed 12 semester hours. Students must apply for admission to a graduate program before requests for dual registration can be approved, but do not have to be formally admitted until the end of the semester in which credit is earned. For dual registration status, the approval of the Dean of The Graduate School and the student’s major advisor are required.

Students should be advised that approval for dual registration neither guarantees nor constitutes acceptance into any graduate program.

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.