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Declaring or Changing Majors

Notification of the University Registrar's Office or the College/School/Departmental office is required when a student declares or changes his/her major.

Declaring a Major

Many students declare their majors when they are accepted into the University or during their orientation programs, before they initially register for courses. Those who enter the University with an “undecided” major should declare their majors prior to the completion of 45 semester hours. To earn a degree in a timely manner, several academic departments recommend that students declare their major even earlier in their academic careers. Students should contact the department of their intended major for further information.

Changing a Major

Students planning to change their majors should do so well in advance of the next registration period in order to be assigned to a new advisor and to receive adequate advising in the department or advising center of their new majors.

Students should declare or change their majors by the end of September for spring semester registration in the new major, and by the end of February for fall semester registration in the new major.

This page was last updated on June 8, 2011.