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The Officers of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Office of the Chancellor

Linda P. Brady, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Chancellor

Bonita J. Hairston, B.A., J.D., Chief of Staff

Steven L. Serck, B.A., J.D., University Counsel

Christine Dorrestein-Schultz, A.B., J.D., Assistant University Counsel

Kimberly S. Record, B.S., M.S., Director, Intercollegiate Athletics

Michael Tarrant, B.A., Special Assistant to the Chancellor

Office of the Provost

Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
David H. Perrin, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Vice Provost
J. Alan Boyette, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Research and Economic Development
Terri L. Shelton, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Provost for International Programs
Penelope J. Pynes, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Provost for Planning and Assessment
Rebecca G. Adams, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Dean of Undergraduate Studies
Steven H. Roberson, B.A., M.M., M.B.A., Ph.D.

The Graduate School
James C. Petersen, Dean, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Laura A. Chesak, Interim Associate Dean, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
J. Scott Hudgins, Assistant Dean, B.A., M.Div.

College of Arts and Sciences
Timothy D. Johnston, Dean, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
Denise N. Baker, Associate Dean, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Robert C. Hansen, Associate Dean, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.
Jacquelyn White, Associate Dean for Research, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics
James K. Weeks, Dean, B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D.
Donald L. McCrickard, Senior Associate Dean, B.A., Ph.D.
Joyendu Bhadury, Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research, B.T., Ph.D.
Pamela R. Cash, Assistant Dean, B.S., M.S.

School of Education
Dale H. Schunk, Dean, B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Betty C. Epanchin, Associate Dean for Teacher Education, B.A., M.Ed., Ed.D.
Ada L. Vallecorsa, Associate Dean, B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D.
Deborah W. Merritt, Assistant Dean, B.S.

School of Health and Human Performance
Celia R. Hooper, Dean, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Kathleen Williams, Associate Dean for Academic Programs, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.
William N. Dudley, Associate Dean for Research, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.
Charles C. Dent, Assistant Dean, B.S.

School of Human Environmental Sciences
Laura S. Sims, Dean, B.S., M.P.H., Ph.D.
Marion O'Brien, Associate Dean, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
John C. Rife, Associate Dean for Academic Administration, B.A., M.S.W., M.A., Ph.D.
Jeffrey Stoutenburg, Assistant Dean, B.S.

School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
John J. Deal, Dean, B.M., M.M., Ph.D.
William P. Carroll, Associate Dean, B.M., M.M., M.S.M., D.M.A.

School of Nursing
Lynne G. Pearcey, Dean, B.S.N., M.S.N., Ph.D.
Anita S. Tesh, Associate Dean, B.S.N., M.S.N., Ph.D.
Eileen G. Kohlenberg, Associate Dean, B.S.N., M.S.N., Ph.D.
Debra C. Wallace, Associate Dean for Research, B.S.N., M.S.N., Ph.D.

University Libraries
Rosann Bazirjian, Dean, B.A., M.S.L.S., M.S.S.
Kathy M. Crowe, Associate Dean for Public Services, B.A., M.L.S., M.A.
Michael A. Crumpton, Assistant Dean for Administrative Services, B.S., M.L.S.
Sha Li Zhang, Assistant Dean for Collections and Technical Services, B.A., M.L.S., Ph.D.
Timothy M. Bucknall, Assistant Dean for Electronic Resources and Information Technology, B.A., M.L.S., M.A.

Division of Continual Learning
Robert M. Brown, Dean, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
Nora S. Reynolds, Executive Director, A.B.

A+ Schools Program

Academic Administration
Patsy Baird O'Rork, Associate Vice Provost for EPA Human Resources, A.S., B.F.A., M.P.A.
Andrea R. Whitley, Director of EPA Human Resources, B.A.
Elizabeth W. Meeks, Director of Academic Resources, B.S.
Bo Bodenhamer, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Technology Systems, B.S., B.S.
Eberhard K. Schubert, Director of Space Management, B.A., M.A.
Katie Brown, Director of Faculty and Student Services, B.S.

Academic Assessment
Stephen C. Zerwas, Director, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Admissions, Undergraduate
Elise K. Keller, Director, B.A., M.S.

Communication Across the Curriculum

Conflict Studies and Dispute Resolution Program
Cathie J. Witty
, Director, A.B., M.A., M.P.A., M.S., Ph.D.

Financial Aid
Deborah D. Tollefson, Director, B.S., M.Ed.

Genetic Counseling Program
Nancy P. Callanan, Director, B.S., M.S.

Gerontology Program
Janice I. Wassel, Director, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Institutional Research
Sarah D. Carrigan, Director, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.

International Student and Scholar Services
Michael J. Elliott, Director, B.A., M.A., M.Ed.

Research Compliance
Eric C. Allen, Director, B.S.

Sponsored Programs
Valera T. Francis, Director, B.A., M.U.P., Ph.D.

Student Success Center
John E. Foreman, Director, B.A., M.A.

Student Academic Services
Robert A. Ross, Director, B.A., M.Ed.

Student Achievement

Study Abroad and Exchange Programs
Denise L. Bellamy, Director, M.S.Ed.

Technology Transfer
Lisa A. Goble, Acting Director, B.S.

UNC Exchange Program (UNCEP)
Kristi L. Parker, Interim Director, B.S.

Undergraduate Research
Mary L. Crowe, Director, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

University Registrar’s Office
Kelly A. Rowett-James, University Registrar, B.A., M.F.A., M.A., Ph.D.

University Teaching and Learning Center (UTLC)
Ray C. Purdom, Director, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Weatherspoon Art Museum
Nancy M. Doll, Director, B.F.A., M.A.

Office of Business Affairs

Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs
Reade Taylor, B.S., M.B.A.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Jorge Quintal, B.S.C.E., M.C.E.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance
Steven W. Rhew, B.S.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources
R. Alan Bridge, B.S., M.A.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Enterprises
Michael T. Byers, B.A., M.B.A.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Safety and Emergency Management
Rollin R. Donelson, B.S., M.Ed.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Foundation Finance
Jill K. Hillyer, B.S.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enterprise Administrative Applications
Laura Young, B.S., M.B.A.

Director of Contracts and Grants
Marie Louise Harrell, B.S., M.S., M.B.A.

University Controller
Wayne Jones, B.S.

Director for Financial Planning and Budgets
Stephen Honeycutt, B.S.

Director for Human Resources
Deb Carley, B.S.

Director of Enterprise Risk Management
Bruce Griffin, B.S., M.S.

Acting Director for Facilities Operations
Steve Siler, A.A.S.

Director for Facilities Design & Construction
Fred Patrick, B.S., M.S.

Office of Information Technology Services

Vice Chancellor for Information Technology Services
James Clotfelter, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Client Services
Gloria Thornton, B.S., M.A.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Systems & Networks
Donna Heath, B.S., M.S.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Administrative Systems
Joel Dunn, B.S., M.S.

University Webmaster
Todd Sutton, B.A.

Director of Management and Budget
Victoria Gaskill, B.S.B.A., B.S.

Director of Systems
Susan S. Hensley, B.S., M.S.

University Information Security Officer
Chuck Curry, B.S.

Director of Management Information Systems
Moreland Smith, B.A.

Director of Data Management
Valerie McFadden, B.A., B.S., M.A., M.B.A.

Enterprise Projects Officer
Chris Roys, B.S., M.S.

Director of Service Operations & Support
Brad Lytle, B.S.

Director of Technical Services & Architecture
Kevin Latimer, B.A.

Manager of Communications Infrastructure
Natsu Carr, B.S., M.S.

Office of Student Affairs

Interim Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Cheryl M. Callahan, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
Bruce J. Michaels, B.A., M.A.

Interim Dean of Students
Brett Carter, Ph.D.

Adult Students

Campus Activities and Programs
Checka M. Leinwall, Director, Ph.D.

Campus Recreation
Cynthia M. Hardy, Director, B.S., M.A.

Career Services Center
Donna J. Seckar, Director, B.A., M.Ed.

Counseling and Testing Center
Bruce G. Lynch, Director, B.A., Ph.D., HSP-P


Office of Disability Services
Tiffany Bailey, Interim Director, M.S.

Housing and Residence Life
Mary L. Hummel, Director, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Leadership and Service Learning
Cathy H. Hamilton, Director, B.A., M.S., Ph.D.

Multicultural Affairs
Audrey Lucas, Director, B.S., M.S.

Orientation and Family Programs
Kim Sousa-Peoples, Director, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Student Affairs Assessment
Erin Bentrim-Tapio, Director, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D.

Student Health Services
Tresa M. Saxton, Director, B.A., M.P.H., Ph.D.

Office of University Advancement

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
Patricia W. Stewart, M.S., Ed.D.

Associate Vice Chancellor for University Relations
Helen D. Hebert, B.A., M.A.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Central Development Programs
Lynn Bresko, B.A.

Associate Vice Chancellor for Development Constituent Programs
Laura Pitts, B.A., M.Ed.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for University Relations

Advancement Services
Donna Sexton, Director, B.S.

Alumni Relations
Linda Carter, Director, B.A., M.C.M.

Annual Giving
Terri Clark, Director, B.S., M.S.Ed.

Capital Campaign
Stephanie Cole, Director, B.S.

Corporate Foundation Relations
David Arneke, Senior Director, B.A.

Corporate Foundation Relations
Diane Picciuto, Senior Director, B.S., M. A.

Development for Athletics/Spartan Club
J. Michael Roach, Director, B.S.

2009–10 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Elected Members:
Stephanie A. Kurtts, Chair (2010), School of Education
Moses Acquaah
(2011), Bryan School of Business & Economics
Pamela Kocher Brown (2010), School of Health & Human Performance
Frank Donaldson (2012), College of Arts & Sciences
Lynda Kellam (2011), University Libraries
Jeff W. Jones (2010), College of Arts & Sciences
Greg McAvoy (2012), Senator
Linda J. McNeal (2010), School of Nursing
Ann G. Ramsey (2011), School of Human Environmental Sciences
Paul Steimle (2011), College of Arts & Sciences
Jennifer Stewart Walter (2012), School of Music

Ex Officio NonVoting
Steven Roberson, Undergraduate Studies
Rebecca Adams, Planning and Assessment

Adjunct Members
Dianna T. Carter, Undergraduate Advising Council
Karen D. Haywood, University Registrar's Office
Robert A. Ross, Student Academic Services

2009-10 General Education Council

Elected Members:
Lisa C. Tolbert, Chair (2010), College of Arts & Sciences
William D. Bursuck (2010), School of Education
Roberto E. Campo (2010), College of Arts & Sciences
Paul G. Davis (2010), Senator
Mark Hens (2011), College of Arts & Sciences
Elizabeth Keathley (2011), School of Music
Sebastian Pauli (2011), College of Arts & Sciences
Regina Pulliam (2011), School of Health & Human Performance
Kelly Ritter (2011), College of Arts and Sciences
Larry R. Taube (2010), School of Business & Economics
Melissa Taylor (2010), School of Human Environmental Sciences
Anita Star Tesh (2011), School of Nursing
Jerry L. Walsh (2010), College of Arts & Sciences
David B. Wharton (2010), College of Arts & Sciences

Ex Officio NonVoting
Steven Roberson, Undergraduate Studies
Stephen Zerwas, Academic Assessment
Mary Krautter, University Libraries

Adjunct Members
Karen D. Haywood, University Registrar's Office
Robert A. Ross, Student Academic Services

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