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Honors Programs
Including the International Honors Program and the Disciplinary Honors Program

Lloyd International Honors College

205 Foust Building


Honors Program Staff

Jerry Pubantz, Professor and Director of the College

Sarah A. Krive, Assistant Director

Stacey Peebles, Assistant Director

Ryan Radford, Honors Academic Adviser

Christopher Kirkman, Honors Academic Adviser

Honors Council

Alice Haddy, Heather Holian, and Corey Johnson; College of Arts and Sciences

Roberto Campo, International and Global Studies Program

Steve Layson, Bryan School of Business and Economics

Adam Ricci, School of Music, Theatre, and Dance

Mary Crowe, Office of Undergraduate Research

Cathy Hamilton, Office of Leadership and Service-Learning

Penelope Pynes, International Programs Center

Donna Seckar, Career Services Center

Deb Stanford, School of Nursing

Jerry Pubantz, Lloyd International Honors College


Lloyd International Honors College administers UNCG’s Honors Programs: the International Honors Program and the Disciplinary Honors Program. For general information about Lloyd International Honors College, including information about admission, courses, extra- and co-curricular activities, advising, housing, etc., see the description of the Lloyd International Honors College in the Academic Units and Areas of Study section of this Bulletin.

See the following for more information:

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