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Conditions of Award Receipt

Most types of financial aid at UNCG are applied directly to the student’s UNCG account. Any financial aid funds that exceed the current semester charges are mailed by the Cashiers and Student Accounts Office to the student’s campus or local address in the form of a refund check. Students may also set up direct deposit to receive the refund by logging in to the Student Account Center through the secure area of UNCGenie and creating a refund profile. Some types of financial aid cannot be applied directly to the student’s account and require that the student sign a check at the UNCG Cashiers and Student Accounts Office. Students who must sign a check are notified by mail by that office.

In order for funds to be disbursed to the student, whether by the automated process or by manual disbursement, students must have completed all requirements of the aid receipt process. These requirements include:

  1. Receive award notification from the Financial Aid Office with all awards listed, and complete any requested paperwork.
  2. Resolve any existing financial aid holds.
  3. Be registered for the required credit hours on which your award was based.
  4. Confirm your classes by paying the total amount due on your bill for the semester, or have aid in place to cover the amount of your bill.
  5. Comply with University immunization requirements.

It is the student’s responsibility to meet the above requirements and to assure that all documentation requested by the Financial Aid Office is received.

This page was last updated on June 9, 2010.