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Managment Program

The Managerial and Supervisory Development Program focuses on the leadership and management core competencies that are important to the success of individuals in a supervisory or management role. Participants in this program learn how to transform their team into a strong, productive unit that pulls together to exceed goals and go the extra mile. High performing teams don't happen by accident. They are created, led and motivated by leaders with exceptional team-building skills.

Core Competency Areas
  • Developing Teams - ability to establish clear; shared goals for team; develop a sense of commitment; and work to resolve interpersonal issues
  • Communication - clearly conveying a message and listening for understanding
  • Hiring The Right People - developing a systematic approach to interview and evaluate candidates, and making good hiring decisions based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for a particular job
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback - giving constructive and timely feedback on performance
  • Coaching - enabling self-sufficiency in employees to make decisions and take action
  • Leading - determining employees' competence and commitment to perform specific tasks and matching the correct leadership style to the situation
  • Negotiation - developing an agreement that satisfies both parties' interests to the greatest extent possible.
  • Ethics - making decisions that reflect individual and organizational responsibility in regards to products, services and relationships with stakeholders.
  • Leading Change in Organizations - developing a plan for leading and sustaining a commitment to organizational change

Minimum Requirements

This learning module provides a combination of Core, Mandatory and Elective workshops that provide both HR-related training and "soft-skills" training intended to build upon communication, coaching, and leadership skills. Learning module certification from Human Resources is awarded to participants who complete a minimum of 6 core workshops, 1 mandatory workshop (Equal Employment Opportunity Institute) and 5 electives within two years of enrollment. Each participant is encouraged to choose workshops within this learning module that best pertain to their own work environment and responsibilities. Participation beyond the minimum requirements is also encouraged.

How to Enroll

Due to the amount of time required to complete a Learning Module, supervisory approval is needed. Enrollment in the Managerial and Supervisory Development Program indicates your commitment in participating and completing a module within two years from submission of the enrollment form. Additionally, please be aware that all workshops are held during typical working hours, for which you are paid. Because of these factors, Human Resources requests that we have your supervisor's approval prior to beginning any learning module.

To enroll in a learning module and acquire your supervisor's approval of your participation, please complete the online approval form. Once submitted on-line, a copy is automatically emailed to the Human Resources Training & Development office and to your supervisor for approval. You will be contacted with further instructions on registering for courses after approval has been received.

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