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Professional Development - Supervisory/Management

"Our chief want in life is somebody who shall make us do what we can."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being a supervisor or manager can sometimes be overwhelming considering all that you need to be aware of when supervising employees. How do I conduct a PMP? Whom should I contact for help with disciplinary issues? How do I deal with conflict among my employees? What leadership style(s) would work best for my individual employees? These are just a few questions that this learning module, also known as the Essential Supervisor's Program (ESP), can prepare you to answer as you perform the day-to-day duties of a supervisor/manager.

Who should participate in the ESP Learning Module?

  • Supervisors, current and new, who work with SPA employees.
  • Aspiring or potential supervisors who want a head start in acquiring HR-related knowledge of the job.
  • Past participants of the ESP series...we're constantly updating policy material and adding other workshop to this learning module. Past participants are encouraged to attend new or updated workshops without the need to complete the entire learning module over again.

What are the goals of the ESP Learning Module?

  • Provide an introductory program of workshops that enhance supervisory skills including interpersonal communications, team building, leadership and coaching, and HR policy and procedure information.
  • Provide up-to-date information on HR policy, including federal, state, and UNCG policy information.
  • Provide the opportunity for supervisors to share knowledge, experience, and suggestions amongst each other.
  • Establish long-term, professional relationships between supervisors, HR, and our partners in service.

Minimum Requirements

This learning module provides a combination of "Core" and "Elective" workshops (see below) that provide both HR-related training and "soft-skills" training intended to build upon communication, coaching, and leadership skills. Learning module certification from HR is awarded to participants who complete a minimum of 8 Core workshops and 5 Electives within two years of enrollment. Each participant is encouraged to choose workshops within this learning module that best pertain to their own work environment and responsibilities**. Participation beyond the minimum requirements is also encouraged. Each workshop is offered one to four times per year starting in August. Certain Office of State Personnel [OSP] Workshops may be substituted for credit with approval.

** Of the minimum 8 Core requirements, participants must include the EEOI workshop and the HR Supervisor's Manual On-line course.

How to Enroll

Participation begins with completion of the Supervisor Approval Form by the employee and approved by their supervisor. Forms are automatically forwarded to the participant's supervisor for approval. Once approval is received by the Training & Development Office, a confirmation of enrollment is sent to the participant. Participants may then register for workshops using one of the following methods:

  • Register Online: Click Here
  • Register by phone: Contact Adam Horton at 334.5009
  • Register by email: Send a request to

Supervisory/Management [ESP] Workshops

Core Options (Choose 6 minimum) Elective Options (Choose 5 minimum) Mandatory (complete both)
Career Banding Basics Conflict Management Skills Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOI)
FMLA & Disability Critical Conversations HR On-line
Grievance & Disciplinary Policies Customer Service Excellence
Helping Your Employees Work Safely How to Use Our EAP Benefit
HR Forms Training Interviewing Techniques
Leave & Timekeeping; Exempt or Non-Exempt? Succession Planning Basics
Recruitment & Jobsearch Training Making it a Winning Team; What's Trust Got To Do With It?
UNCG in a Career Banding World Managing Change
Workplace Violence Awareness Mixing 4 Generations in the Workplace
It's Up To YOU! Stopping Sexual Harassment Ouch! That Stereotype Hurt.
Painless Performance Improvement
PMP discussion [formally Performance Planning for Success]
Psychology in the Workplace
Recognizing the Leader in You
Safe Zone
Situational Leadership
Time Management
Whale Done! Creating a Positive Workplace
Would I Work for Me? Components of a Good Supervisor
Eat That Frog!
The Hamster Revolution for Meetings
The Hamster Revolution for Email: How to Manage Your Email Before It Manages You
MBTI: A Personality Inventory