Human Resources

Supervisor's Reference Guide


Contact: Kathy Watford 334-4506
Employee Services Supervisor
Policy Reference: UNCG HRS Leave Management Website
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Policy
Definition: Leave Management is a program that is administered by the Department of Human Resources. Leave is granted to eligible full-time, part-time, and time-limited employees.
When to use: Any time an employee is injured or sick in the course of their normal duties at the university or an employee's child, spouse or parent is injured or sick.
Procedures: 1.All leave must be approved by supervisor or department head prior to using (exception -sick leave) see policy for clarification.
Reminders: A.All leave must be reflected on timesheets.
B.LWOP may be granted if an employee does not have leave.
C.Please be reminded that an Employee Action Form (EAF) must be prepared on all Permanent SPA and Temporary SPA employees.
D.ALL Permanent and Temporary new hire employees must complete an original application along with I9 form.
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Forms: FMLA Forms
Monthly Timesheets