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Policy Manual for SHRA and EHRA-Non-faculty Employees

SECTION 13 - Miscellaneous

Effective: June, 1996

Statement of Policy

It is the policy of UNCG that all University employees are encouraged to report either orally or in writing to their immediate supervisor, or alternate line of authority as hereinafter described, all evidence of activity by a University department or employee that may constitute:

  1. A violation of State or Federal law, rule, or regulation;
  2. Fraud;
  3. Misappropriation of State resources; or
  4. Substantial and specific danger to the employee's or public's health and safety.

Any University employee who reports such incidents as described above shall be protected from threats of retaliation, discharge, or other types of discrimination including but not limited to compensation or terms and conditions of employment that are directly related to the disclosure of such reports. In addition, no University employee may be adversely affected as heretofore described because the employee refused to carry out a directive which, in fact, constitutes a violation of State or federal law, rule, regulation, or poses a substantial specific danger to the employee or the public health and safety. These protections shall include employees who report any heretofore described activities to the State Auditor through the established state-wide "hotline".


Any University employee who desires to report evidence of alleged improper activity as described should contact his/her immediate supervisor, or the supervisor's manager. In instances where the employee is not satisfied with the supervisor or manager's response, the employee may contact the University Internal Auditor, Director of Public Safety/Police or the Vice Chancellor/Provost over his/her department. Employees are encouraged to provide as much specific information as possible including names, dates, places, and events that took place, the employee's perception of why the incident(s) may be a violation, and what action the employee recommends be taken. Anonymous written or telephonic communications will be accepted. Employees who choose to identify themselves will receive a reply to their report within 20 working days or as soon as practicable thereafter.

Any questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Employee Relations Manager in Human Resources.

Reference: NC Gen. Stat. 126-84, 126-85