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Policy Manual for SHRA and EHRA-Non-faculty Employees

SECTION 12 - Awards Programs

Effective:January 1, 1996
Revised:January 4, 2013

The Gladys Strawn Bullard Awards have been established to recognize and reward members of the student body, faculty, and staff of The University of North Carolina at Greensboro who provide outstanding leadership and service to the University. Leadership and service are contributions made to the University which go beyond the scope of the normal responsibilities of a student, faculty, or staff member.

Examples of leadership and service include, but are not limited to: committee work, committee chairing, spearheading projects, volunteering for University projects, and/or advising student groups. Service may also include departmental, school/college, university, community, and or professional roles. Three awards are given each year (one each for staff, student, and faculty).

  • For a student to be eligible for the award, he/she must have completed a minimum of three semesters of full-time course work. Consideration may also be given to student organizations (residence halls, clubs, etc.) whose purpose and practices are successful in the advancement of the University.
  • Members of the faculty and staff are eligible after two years of full-time service to the University.

Three $1000 awards are given annually to a member of each of these three groups.

The awards will be presented at the Employee Award Ceremonoy held in the spring. Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to nominate their colleagues whom they feel are deserving of this award. Guidelines for selection are as follows:

Consideration for selection of the award will be given to persons who show commendable initiative and perseverance in their leadership and/or service roles, including those who quietly guide "the few", as well as those who are more conspicuous and develop creative ideas and programs that advance the University, and whose contributions have significantly promoted the purposes of the University to provide an environment which encourages and nurtures the development of people. Recipients will exemplify qualities worthy of emulation: a positive and constructive attitude, a sense of humor, and appreciation of people and of the satisfaction and pleasure which may be derived from rendering service. A committee, representative of the diverse constituencies of the campus and appointed by the Chancellor will select the recipients.

Information about the awards, the nominating procedures, and appropriate deadlines is published annually in various campus publications. Updated nomination forms generally are available three (3) months prior to the award ceremony. Consideration for selection is given to students and members of the faculty and staff who are nominated by their colleagues and to organizations which are nominated by members of the University community. Selection of recipients is made by a committee whose membership is appointed by the Chancellor and represents the on-campus constituencies of the University (students, faculty, staff).