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Inclusive Excellence

photo of a diverse group of people Inclusive Excellence at UNCG builds upon a major initiative launched by the American Association of Colleges and Universities that involves four primary elements:

  1. A focus on student intellectual and social development.
  2. A purposeful development and utilization of organizational resources to enhance student learning.
  3. Attention to the cultural differences learners bring to the educational experience and that enhance the enterprise.
  4. A welcoming community that engages all of its diversity in the service of student and organizational learning.

The Making Excellence Inclusive initiative supports UNCG's strategic plan "UNCG Tomorrow" as well as HR's mission of providing state-of-the-art employee services that promote innovation, creativity, and inclusion. For more information on these services, and links to further reading on the subject of inclusive excellence, see below.

The mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide integrated services in HR, diversity, and affirmative action, that contribute to the creation of an inclusive, collaborative, and responsive university and align with UNCG's strategic plan.

Inclusive Excellence at UNCG