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2015 Open Enrollment
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2015 Open Enrollment is upon us! This year, BOTH the State Health Plan and NCFlex open enrollment are simultaneously being held during this single period. The period runs from October 1st through October 31st. Please review the details below and consider signing up for an information session for comprehensive guidance.

Please note there will be no changes to premiums or coverage, for Health Insurance or NCFlex benefits.

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1. Health Insurance

If you are satisfied with the plan in which you are enrolled, you may remain in that plan and do not need to re-enroll. HOWEVER, if you are currently enrolled in the Enhanced 80/20 Plan or CDHP and wish to maintain or lower your employee-only premium, you must complete (or redo) your wellness premium credits by Oct. 31, 2014.

What Are the Options?
80/20 Plan CDHP Plan 70/30 Plan
Plan Comparisons
Plan Comparisons Rate Comparisons Calculator
Assistance and Training
Online Training Info Session

To see full details of the health information, visit the NC State Health Plan Enrollment website.

2. NC Flex

If you take no action during Open Enrollment, all benefit plans under NCFlex will remain the same, with 1 exception - your flexible spending account(s) will end.

Before making your 2015 benefit elections, be sure to review the reminders below to help you correctly enroll in the coverage that is right for you and your family.

What Are the Options?
Healthcare Flexible Spending Account
  • Re-enrollment required every year
  • Annual contribution limit is $2,500 per Federal regulation
  • FSA Reimbursements are made by direct deposit
  • NCFlex Convenience Card
    • One card will be issued - no fee
    • Activation required
    • Additional cards must be requested - no fee
Dependent Day Care Flexible Spending Account
  • Re-enrollment required every year
  • FSA Reimbursements are made by direct deposit
  • Enroll within 30 days when first eligible to avoid waiting period
  • Waiting periods may apply when changing from the Low Option Plan to the High Option Plan
  • Changing dental plan options (High Option or Low Option) is only allowed during annual enrollment
  • Two-year lockout period, if coverage is dropped
  • Carryover of frequency of services when changing plans during annual enrollment 19
Critical Illness
  • No EOI (Evidence of Insurability) to enroll
  • Must elect coverage for yourself in order to cover dependents
  • Newly eligible - No EOI Low, High or Premium Options
  • After initial eligibility - EOI required
  • Annual increase coverage - EOI required
Core Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Employee only coverage at no cost
  • You must elect coverage
Voluntary Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Many additional benefits, for you and eligible dependents, are included with election
  • Worldwide Emergency Travel Assistance services - provide coverage if a medical emergency occurs more than 100 miles away from home or in a foreign country
Group Term Life
  • Newly eligible - employee: No EOI up to $100,000
  • After initial eligibility - employee: No EOI up to $20,000 during annual enrollment
  • Annual Increase - employee: No EOI for $10,000 increase up to $100,000 during annual enrollment

To see full details of the NCFlex information, visit the NC Flex website.

3. Next Steps

So you've reviewed all the options, know what benefits you want to sign up for and which ones you want to drop. How do you proceed?

You Have Internet Access

  1. Wellness Assessment
  2. Primary Care Provider Designation
  3. Smoker Attestation
  4. Enroll in coverage

These will all be steps in enrolling for your 2015 benefits. Follow the instructions on this page.

You DO NOT Have Internet Access

  1. Wellness Assessment
  2. Primary Care Provider Designation
  3. Smoker Attestation
  4. Enroll in coverage

For all of these, during the month of October only, call 855-859-0966. Be prepared for the health assessment with height, weight & waist measurement. Optional information to be prepared with: blood pressure, cholesterol (CDL/HDL) and glucose information (these 3 items have "I don't know" as an acceptable response).

If you have questions call 855-859-0966.

Please note: some items require the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, which can be downloaded from the Adobe website.