registration overview

The experience of registering for a college course can seem perplexing, so let us help you with some step-by-step instructions (in the order that they are completed) with explanations.

  1. Consult your high school guidance counselor prior to registering for UNCG iSchool courses

    Make sure iSchool is a good fit for you. You must be a responsible student who can work online independently, prioritize, and manage your time well.
  2. Fill out a Student Information Form (SIF) prior to the first day of iSchool classes.

    • The SIF initiates the creation of your UNCG ID. Without an ID, you cannot exist as a student! If you don't exist as a student, you cannot register for iSchool classes.
    • Complete this online form entirely and accurately. It takes about 30 minutes. Review each entry before you submit. The SIF is hosted on a secure website.
    • Provide a valid email address — we will send your registration information to this address.
    • Students must fill out a SIF each semester.
  3. Receive and save your registration information.

    • Your registration information arrives by email within 5-7 business days following the completion of your SIF. It includes your unique University ID and any pertinent registration codes. Keep these codes in a safe place — you will use them during the school year.
    • Print the iSchool Student Checklist and record your codes at the bottom of the page.
  4. Create your PIN.

    • PIN is an acronym for Personal Identification Number. (It is not a password.) It is one of the codes required to register for iSchool courses.
    • Go to and follow the instructions. You will need your University ID from Step 3.
    • You will be assigned a random PIN that is valid for only 20 minutes. You need this temporary PIN to create a personal PIN that is meaningful to you and contains 4 – 6 digits. Make it one you can remember! For example, the day and year of your birth – 71998, 121999, 292000, etc. Keep it in a safe place. If you forget your PIN, iSchool cannot retrieve it for you.
  5. Set up your UNCG computer accounts.

    • To participate in UNCG courses, you must have a UNCG email address and access to Blackboard, the portal where your online course lives. Your computer accounts enable these. When you activate your computer accounts, you will be given your UNCG Computer Account Username and other important information. Print and save this.
    • To set up, go to Computer Accounts Activation and follow the instructions.

Now, you can register for iSchool classes! Scroll down to the RESOURCES section on this page and click on the Registration Instructions (PDF). Follow the 12 steps, and you're done!

Registration is open for Summer 2014 courses. New and returning students: please fill out the Student Information Form first, and choose Summer Semester in Step 3.